Empowering disadvantaged young women in Iran

Conquering the south front of Mount Damavand

Maryam at the summit

At the end of August, Maryam Rajaei, Basheer Shadravan and Mohammad Chalipour set out to climb the south front of Mount Damavand in order to raise money for The Omid Foundations and help more young girls transform their lives.

It was by chance that the couple had previously met the Aseman Alborz Mountaineering Group, and told them of their ambitions. As an experienced mountaineer, Babak Doktorzadeh, decided he would do all he could do to help them achieve their goal of climbing Iran's highest mountain and he volunteered to be the expedition leader.

The group set out on August 22nd and started their journey to Rineh, the first camp. But it was the next morning that the climb became tougher. Leaving at 7:30am it took them until 4:30pm to reach their overnight camp at an altitude of 2950 metres. The following day the grueling climb took them to 3750 metres and saw the weather take a terrible turn for the worse. They started the final day’s climb at 5am and it took them another 7 hours to reach the final summit at 5610 metres with the weather conditions becoming very severe.

With their incredible goal realized the group are very proud of their achievement. They have raised an amazing $6,000 for The Omid Foundation which will go towards our goal of opening a new center in Tehran to help more young girls.

Mount Damavand