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Samira's Journey

Samira came to the center when she was 17. She grew up with an abusive older brother who chained her inside the house. Her father had left when she was a baby. As a toddler, her mother attempted to kill her with opium to rid her of 'this miserable life'.

Suffering from severe low self-esteem Samira took all of the Omid scheduled classes in art, English, social skills and computer skills.

She finished with a degree in graphic design, and has since completed designing a charity calendar. She is currently working with children in a kindergarten and is the family's main breadwinner.

Samira has become one of the most self-confident and mature girls in the center, and an inspiration for the new candidates. Samira's teacher

Samira's Video

Samira's Progress

  • Samira's artwork Samira's artwork. She loves drawing and her work has been exhibited in public, giving her a great sense of achievement.
  • Samira dancing Dancing a traditional Persian dance. Samira excels in music and is taught Santur by a prominent Iranian player. It gives her an enormous sense of satisfaction and relaxation.
  • Samira planting flowers Planting a flower bed at the Omid-e-Mehr center. Samira has made a huge contribution to center life.

There are hundreds of girls like Samira in Iran

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